About the Project

We are living in a time in which many of Turing's predictions have come to pass. The legacy of his work extends vastly through the field of computer science, including cryptography and artificial intelligence. He is the quintessential unsung hero to all of us misfits who dream of what our digital future still holds for all of humanity.

This project is an attempt to honor Turing by telling the story of his legacy and how his work has affected millions all over the world, from how robotics are currently helping autistic children, to how minorities are being empowered to transition from outcasts to technological entrepreneurs.


The Age of Turing will be an interactive multi-platform experience telling the story of an expansive alternative universe in which Alan Turing lived to see his old age. While the project itself is not a biopic on Turing, his life and legacy is what inspires the modern day characters to follow mysterious clues and unravel the multiple secrets they face along their way to overcome great dangers and difficulties.

By integrating storytelling with interactive elements like puzzles games of multiple varieties, we hope to create a powerful way to not only experience and pay forward his legacy, but also encourage learning in the fields of technology and mathematics, as well as inspire empathy, courage, generosity, and resilience.