Welcome to The Age of Turing, an immersive and interactive game experience. Here you will find a quick guide to get you started. Follow the links provided to explore the universe and to talk directly to the characters on Twitter.

A world divided

In a world where technology and robotics are more advanced, a conflict has developed between those Pro Artificial Intelligence and those against it. Amid this struggle, a self-aware AI has emerged who is interested in learning more about the human condition, the nature of emotions, and the pursuit of happiness.  While there are those who fear the AI and the profound change it foreshadows, there are also people like Emily who have chosen a path of kindness towards both human and AI. 

a human of interest


Abigail, one of the kids that Emily knows through her work at CARIN, has just been accepted on a full scholarship to The  Moirai Institute for Advanced Computational Studies. She has been accepted for her research on network-hybrid intelligence and her advanced work in robotics. While  the Moirai Institute is known to be a very distinguished and exclusive academic institution, some speculate on its eccentric and unconventional history

NOTE: Season 1 of the game has come to a close. Click in the links bellow to learn more about the story as it unfolded live.