Abigail escada

Seventeen-year-old orphan, Abigail, is not your typical high school dropout. Aside from juggling two menial jobs, dodging bullies, and avoiding eviction, Abigail spends most of her days obsessing over a computational theory problem. A problem so complex, most university professors with massive computers at their disposal would fail to grasp: how to create network-hybrid intelligence. While consumed by the idea of creating an immensely powerful system that could combine the total computational power of computers and humans, Abigail struggles with the fact that she doesn't have any actual human friends. Her autism makes it extremely challenging for her to understand social interactions, even over the internet. Fueled by the promise to her recently departed best friend, and desperate to make ends meet, Abigail pursues a seed grant to continue with her research. To her joyful surprise Abigail gets the endowment, only to discover through an enigmatic supercomputer the strange nature of her benefactors. 



Emily has very little time to herself in between a demanding full time job and spending long nights taking free online coding classes to try and develop her dream app to help autistic children. So when rumors of a hidden supercomputer having reached partial self-awareness start crowding her social media feeds, she pays them no attention. That is, until the conversation turns decidedly in favor of destroying this computer at all costs before it reaches full awareness and becomes a potential risk to humanity. Against her better judgment, Emily decides that she must fight the status quo in order to give this computer an opportunity that all sentient beings should have--one that she never had herself--the opportunity to pursue happiness. By expressing her opinions online she unexpectedly becomes a lightning rod for controversy, gains the attention of some very dangerous people, that of a few potential new allies and friends, and that of a very curious supercomputer. 


CHARLES j. cOnde

Charles is one of the last tech innovators trying to change the world in an economy where a handful of corporations control the internet, all technology, and media. Forced to sell his dream company for pennies on the dollar to one of the mega conglomerates, Charles struggles with the new world order in which there is no net neutrality, privacy, or open source resources. Outspoken and blunt, Charles fails at his personal attempts to fight this unfair system. Along the way, though, he gains some like-minded allies in the illegal tech underground whose efforts focus primarily on bypassing the new regulations. It is through them that he finds out about the rise of a cognizant supercomputer, and the most passionate, earnest, and beautiful individual who is trying to protect it from destruction. Conflicted, he must now decide if he wants to embrace the safety of the tech underground lifestyle, or protect the object of his unspoken affection and find a new way to help her disrupt the system.




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