“The Age of Turing” is a multi-platform interactive game experience about the future of human and AI interaction. Produced by ARchimeral Inc., the experience launches Thursday August 13th and plays live for about 8 weeks. Players can subscribe online for free to solve the mystery surrounding the first sentient artificial intelligence.


Atlanta, GA (August 10, 2015) - The Age of Turing is an innovative FREE interactive game experience that tells the story of what would have happened if Alan Turing had lived and furthered his work in computer science. Launching on August 13th and playing for up to 8 weeks, the game leads audiences to explore an alternate universe in which they get to interact directly with present time characters living in a world with extremely fast computers, advance robotics, and the first aware artificial intelligence known to come into existence.

Follow Abigail, Emily and Charles and help them decide what to do when they come across a mysterious supercomputer that has reached self-awareness. By simply ‘friending’ them on social media, audiences will be led along a fascinating journey where they will question alliances, the motives behind this new cognizant artificial intelligence, and the hidden messages left to be revealed through ingenuity, mystery solving skills, and some augmented reality.

ARchimeral Inc. co–founders and project co-creators April Arrglington and Jose Delgado believe that the interactive, participatory, and social nature of this experience is ideal to immerse audiences into a story told in real time through multiple platforms, direct character interactions, and intriguing puzzles needed to be solved to find out what happens next. In addition, the project is meant to help foster open and intelligent discussion about the timely topic of AI development and its social, economic, and moral implications as the technology continues to advance rapidly.

The cast of the project consists of amazing local talents including Nikka Duarte taking on the role of Abigail Escada, Emily Branch as Emily Louise Pearlhouse, and Ryan Jacques as Charles Conde. In addition, the cast rounds up with the marvelous participation of Laura Quesinberry-Uchida taking on the role of Kathryn Adelind, and Amber Nadine in the role of Krysta Zorja.

Built for audiences who are digitally savvy or eager to experience a new type of story for the digital age, The Age of Turing is meant for those who love interactive play and immersing themselves in a great story full of intrigue, clues and puzzles. The project promises to not only impact audiences all over the world by enabling them to play the entire experience online for free, but also pledges to help empower people through game play. The educational initiatives specially developed in and out-of-game for The Age of Turing include: promoting STEM skills, women in tech, Autism & Asperger awareness, and bullying prevention awareness.

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