“The Age of Turing” is a multiplatform interactive experience about the legacy of Alan Turing and what it means to be human in an age of advance machines. Produced by ARchimeral Inc., the experience will launch this summer for 6 to 7 weeks by using social media, augmented reality components, and a life game event. 

Atlanta, GA (April 16, 2015) - The Age of Turing is an innovative FREE interactive game experience that tells the story of what would’ve happened if Alan Turing had lived a full life and further his work in computer science. For 6 to 7 weeks this summer, audiences will be able to explore an alternate reality story universe in which they get to interact directly with present time characters living in a world with superfast machines, advance robotics, and the first aware artificial intelligence known to come to existence.

ARchimeral Inc. co –creators April Arrglington and Jose Delgado believe that the interactive, participatory, and social nature of this experience is ideal to immerse audiences into a story told in real time through multiple platforms, direct character interactions, and intriguing puzzles needed to be solved to find out what happens next. Follow Abigail, Emily and Charles and help them decide what to do when a mysterious supercomputer becomes consciously aware. By simply ‘friending’ them on social media audiences will be led along a fascinating journey where they will question alliances, the motives behind this new cognizant artificial intelligence, and all the hidden messages left to be revealed through augmented reality.

The Age of Turing project was successfully funded via Kickstarter. The fundraising campaign, launched on March 2nd 2015, was successfully completed in April 1st 2015. The project was 179% funded, with a total amount of $7,506 USD pledged. The stretch goals include extra interactive content, special character videos, and an additional live experience and broadcast. In addition, The Age of Turing backers get to enjoy exclusive perks including limited edition T-Shirts, personalized digital clues, immersive in-game character highlights, a special after-game video chat session, an exclusive dinner with the creators, and a unique working replica of one of the in-game Raspberry Pi robots.

Built for audiences who are digitally savvy or eager to experience a new type of story for the digital age, The Age of Turing is meant for those who love interactive play and immersing themselves in a great story full of intrigue, clues and puzzles.  The project promises to not only impact audiences all over the world by enabling them to play the entire experience online for free, but also promises to help empower people through game play. The educational initiatives specially developed in and out-of-game for The Age of Turing include: promoting STEM skills, women in tech, Autism & Asperger awareness, and bullying prevention awareness. 

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