Artficial Intelligence: Which Side Will You Take?

Today, for this blog post, we want to touch base on the theme of Artificial Intelligence and why this is such a timely and relevant topic of discussion.

Many of the great minds of our current era are choosing a side when it comes to AI, and suddenly the debate of whether its development is good or bad for mankind it’s steering controversy.

For one, Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, believes we should start fearing advanced AI, “The future is scary and very bad for people.” Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, and Elon Musk have expressed similar opinions; they all believe the future of AI may put humanity at risk.

Many other people believe that in the shorter term AI controlled machines, like self driving cars, will take over jobs and lead to unemployment. Others even fear that in the long term AI will rapidly improve itself and learn how to take over and dominate humanity before we have time to re-consider.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that AI will help us develop better ideas, find cure for diseases like cancer and AIDS, and maybe even develop the technology that frees us from any biological limitation.

Experts say we may have to wait 20 or more years for the start of the AI era, but the decisions we make now will determine which outcome we’ll be moving towards.

For centuries those who have feared technology have ended in the wrong side of history, but is AI fundamentally different? Does previous experience apply at all when the technology in question can make its own decisions?

In considering this, should humanity then invest heavily in public AI research, or let the research be done primarily by large corporations? Should we perhaps ban advanced AI research all together, or guaranty rights to future sentient non-human entities, as to not have them fear us?

While we can think that AI has the potential to be good or to be bad, this may be exactly the way an Artificial Intelligence may think about humanity after developing consciousness.

This is both such a fascinating and complex topic, and we think it important to start thinking about these things and begin discussing these questions now. We are including bellow two more videos with a more in depth look into some of these questions for your consideration.

We are very proud that within The Age of Turing universe we will present many of the main points of view from either side of this discussion and provide an entertaining environment in which to  explore the topic in an interactive way.

Now, tell us, if you were to find yourself amid such technological advancements, do you know which side will you take? Would you stand with or against the machines and how?